LEGOLAND New York Resort

Merlin Entertainments Group plans to open the largest LEGOLAND park in the world in 2021 within the town of Goshen, NY.


Holt was selected by Merlin to build out the Visitor Center within Goshen in preparation for the park. Through this and multiple high-profile projects within the city and Hudson Valley Holt was then selected as the construction manager for preconstruction, site preparation, and Back-of-House structures.


Undertaking construction and infrastructure of this massive project was organized into multiple phases. Holt oversaw initial site preparation including tree clearing and removals, mass grading operations, demolition of existing structures, underground tank removals, well abandonment, soil borings, retaining wall construction, utility installation, and asphalt roadways. Construction of the Back-of-House structures including the staff maintenance building, transfer station, guard booth, gas meter building, fueling station, and 500,000+ gallon water storage tower. Currently Holt is undertaking the tree clearing, grubbing, chipping, removal, and demolition work to make way for phase 2 which consists of grading and infrastructure for the park itself. Holt is currently excavating 1.5M cubic yards of earth for the landscaping and site work.


Back-of-House amenities such as maintenance and administrative buildings will be constructed for the estimated 1,300 employees. The park itself will consist of structural decorations and façades, 26 rides and attractions, several retail shops, restaurants, and theaters, including hardscaping and landscaping. To accommodate the estimated rise in traffic, new interior and remediation of current roadways will be constructed, modified, and renovated. To meet this massive undertaking, which is planned to be completed in 2021, Holt is collaborating with multiple entities including specialized trades, owners, and city and state officials to complete the project on-time and within budget.


Merlin Entertainments Group


Goshen, NY




150 AC