Nice-Pak Flagship Plant and Corporate Offices

Holt Construction Corp. was chosen to construct the Nice-Pak headquarters in Orangeburg, NY.


This facility produces disinfecting wipes and medicated products in addition to the company’s corporate offices. Holt was chosen to update the offices and expand the explosion proof processing area where sensitive materials are handled and manufactured. This project included the facilities R&D offices, Engineer Suites, Microlabs, Operation Suites and Training Rooms, in addition to Personal Suites, Print Production with additional labs and training rooms were constructed. This included, electrical, lighting, millwork, fire safety, plumbing with flooring, ceilings, and wall coverings. In addition to the offices, the warehouse consisted of demolition, construction and renovation of new steel, sprinklers, roofing, plumbing and HVAC in addition to spray on fireproofing, jet doors, glass, and glazing.


Nice-Pak Products, Inc.


Orangeburg, NY