NYULL Neurology ICU

As part of a major renovation for NYU’s 100 year+ campus in Brooklyn, Holt Construction was enlisted to fit-out and renovate 15,000 SF of ICU’s and nursing stations within the hospital.


The project is being completed in critical and sensitive areas located near fully operational operating rooms, labor and delivery units, and operational ICUs. The goal is to accomplish all facets of the project, by the targeted completion date, without interruption to hospital operations.


In consultation with the Hospital’s Infection Control staff, specialized Edge Guard barriers, containment units for ceilings and HVAC units, and negative pressure units were installed to comply with ICRA standards to mitigate harmful dust and particles in the clean environment.


In addition to our work on multiple ICUs and nursing stations, Holt will be installing new headwall units and focusable LED surgical lighting. Air handling units, power distribution equipment, lounges, offices, and other facilities will also be constructed or renovated throughout multiple floors of the hospital.


NYU Langone Lutheran


Brooklyn, NY