Racebrook Capital The Ark at JFK

In addition to our work on several exciting projects this year, Holt was also the Construction Manager for The ARK at JFK, widely proclaimed as, “The World’s First Comprehensive Animal Handling and Intelligent Cargo Facility”.


The ARK at JFK was developed, built, and operated by ARK Development, LLC, an affiliate of real estate company Racebrook Capital, who have executed a 30-year lease with the PANY/NJ.


The ARK was constructed at the former location of Cargo Building 78, on a 14.4-acre site. The site has direct air-side access to the taxiway and an apron capable of parking, loading, and unloading of the largest cargo aircraft, including the Boeing 747-8 freighter.


The facility was divided into three complimentary sections: an air cargo wing, central administrative and business center with 24-hour veterinary hospital and diagnostic laboratory, and an integrated animal handling facility with pet boarding and grooming, USDA-approved equine quarantine and import/export center, and livestock export handling system designed by Temple Grandin.


Racebrook Capital


John F. Kennedy International Airport