Rauxa Corporate Offices

New office space encompassing the 43rd-44th floors at 225 Liberty Street.


Built for the largest woman-owned advertising agency in America, the new Rauxa office incorporates an open layout that houses offices and conference rooms, pantries, copy rooms, and storage areas along with a state-of-the-art IT/server room and a one-of-a-kind photo studio. Unique palettes that represent the identity and philosophy of Rauxa became the furnishes which included neon lettering, blackened metal, specialized wood, and branded graffiti design.


Due to the nature of these furnishes, extensive collaboration between the various trade contractors, architect, building owner and Holt was utilized which expedited the schedule. In-order to expedite any long lead items, Holt managed the process thoroughly, utilizing lessons learned from experience while also conducting coordinated meetings with all trades.


The main challenges consisted of the lighting package which required extensive coordination between the HVAC, sprinklers, electrical conduits, and lighting fixtures. In-order to keep the IT/server room cooled, a 2-ton floor-mounted AC unit was also installed.




New York, NY