Retail Space

New York, NY

Holt Construction provided construction services for the client, a retail store at the iconic Westfield World Trade Center Oculus.

To expedite construction, Holt utilized new approaches and modified the original budget while on-boarding new subcontractors to match required redesigns and additional needs to the project. The space was designed to mimic the exterior of a vintage oak wine barrel which is more evident when viewing the 40’ ceiling. Included in the modern rustic layout are floor-to-ceiling white oak cabinets filled with wine from across the globe, along with specialty display lighting to illuminate the products. In the back of the space are state-of-the-art refrigerators to house specialty wines with built in display lights. Behind the coolers is a combination office and kitchen area with stainless steel sinks and commercial grade dishwashers which allow free wine tasting events to customers.

CCS Architects

Contract Value

1,200 sq. ft.

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