Santander Bank Branch Fit-Out

Holt was selected by the client under the new Santander Bank branding program which required Holt to construct a new space for their relocated branch.


Holt was able to meet milestone dates thanks to a capable subcontractor base along with a strong understanding of the project. Matched with an intuitive schedule and approach, Holt’s strategic approach was able to consider issues and all outcomes to create a streamlined process which thwarted problems before they could accrue. This approach allowed Santander to focus on relocation logistics rather than deadlines and issues with the site itself.


The project included the coordination and layout of a new vault which required replacement of the existing slab with reinforced slab to support the weight of the vault. Installation of a Nanawall System at the new ATM vestibule was also required, which was new to Santander’s program. The rooftop had a new HVAC system with tie-ins to the landlord’s systems with installation to new electrical panels. This addressed the needs of the space in conjunction with electrical provisions by utilities.


To minimalize disruption and hazards to neighboring vendors and customers, parking and access for deliveries were strategically scheduled and logistically placed to ensure public safety from the vehicles and the process of offloading heavy materials.


The project was finalized well in advance of the Grand Opening which allowed Santander vital time to move in without rushing. Santander was also impressed that Holt was able to complete the project prior to already ongoing projects of similar size and scope.


Santander Bank


Philadelphia, PA