Stadium Improvements

Fishkill, NY

Holt Construction partnered with the the client as construction manager to complete renovations and improvements to the stadium.

During the off season, Holt completed renovations and upgrades to the majority of the stadium including the home run wall, batting cages, club house, batters’ eye wall and electrical work throughout. The walls were raised including the home run wall to eight feet, while the advertising wall was raised to sixteen feet. Additionally, the home run wall was modified from its original plywood state to a new padded wall with a chain link fence. The batting cages were then enclosed in a new structure and extended, while the clubhouse was modified into one building. Originally the clubhouse was separated into a home and visitor section. The renovations to the clubhouse require minor demolition but major retrofitting to the existing HVAC and upgrades to the heating and cooling outputs.

Overall, the site required excavating to lay down new electrical wiring and conduits to power the facilities new lights and enclosed batting cages. The wiring extended from the home run wall, around the new batting cage facility and the batter’s eye wall. The project was completed within a strict schedule as the facilities needed to be completed before the spring season started.

Project Role
Construction Manager

DLR Group

Contract Value

200,000 sq. ft.

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