Sugarfina Rockefeller Center

Located in 30 Rockefeller Center, Holt Construction partnered with Epoch Design Group and Sugarfina for this luxury confectionery boutique.


Founded online, Sugarfina opened its first location in Beverly Hills and rapidly expanded to more than 50 locations across North America. This expansion brought the company to 30 Rockefeller Center in which Holt partnered with to create this bright and vibrant space for the company.


The scope of work included the build-out of the store itself and storage rooms with new finishes. While the original schedule had the floors as is, the client requested new stone flooring to be added. Through Holt’s management and mitigating the workload, Holt was able to meet the original twelve-week schedule.


As this was a confined space with minimal egress points, special care was taken when items were being delivered to the site. Holt utilized special techniques and precautions as this was a heavily traveled location for building tenants and the public.




New York, NY