Tuxedo Park, NY

Holt Construction was selected by the client to construct the new coating facility in Tuxedo Park, NY.

In addition to the facility itself, Holt Construction built a custom 200 sq. ft. conveyor system which fed the 2,000 lbs paper rolls through the machine. The conveyor fed paper through various chemicals and inferred heaters at an estimated speed of 600 feet per minute. This required close coordination with the conveyor system’s engineer so not to have miss feeds when fully operational. Anchor bolts were utilized to keep the conveyor system in-place in addition to stainless steel process piping, mechanical tubing and hydraulics. A catwalk was constructed throughout the facility for employees to oversee the machines. Collaboration and safety measures were mitigated when handling deliveries of toxic or dangerous chemicals on-site. This allowed Holt to have a perfect safety record on this project.

Contract Value

30,000 sq. ft.

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