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When you select Holt Construction as the construction manager of your retail program, you can be assured that we have the experience and expertise to deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.

Holt delivers exceptional results on retail fit-outs from life center facilities and nationally known super-regional centers to all local high-end department stores. We understand that every retail project is built different, from showroom lighting, shelving units, and high-finish millwork, to flooring, lighting systems and specialty wall graphics.  Holt understands each detail which allows us to have the highest level of quality control and assurance.

Show Room Lighting

High-Finish Millwork


Retail Program Spotlight

Holt Construction partnered with the client, for the premium outlet renovation program, consisting of multiple demolitions and ground-up construction to revitalize and bring an updated look to the massive shopping center.

The project consisted of six buildings from 2018 through 2022, including multiple stores and restrooms. Due to the growth of the center, specific clients required additional space, in addition to upgrading the aging buildings facade, roofs and general infrastructure. Starting in early 2018, Holt began demolition to the buildings.

Due to the general length of the project, the site continued to operate during construction. Each site utilized yodock barriers and black scrim. Twenty-foot-high temporary walls were built to block the construction site and noise all together. Due to the close proximity to other stores, Holt worked with the other tenants on deliveries, and to mitigate high noise and dust during those clients’ peak hours. Holt held weekly meetings with sub-contractors and owners to coordinate all deliveries off hours so not to disrupt daily activities. To accelerate the schedule the buildings were demolished and constructed simultaneously.

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