Safety has evolved into two classifications, as defined by O.S.H.A. in the “Code of Federal Regulations- 29CFR 1926 and the New York City Department of Buildings Chapter 33 safeguarding the Safety of Public and Property.

This program as designed by both agencies evolved to emphasize the requirements placed on the contractor for projects that include; Government work , Public work, such as Educational facilities and Port Authority Projects ,including work at all the major Airports, in New York and New Jersey.

The Holt organization is a registered contractor with the New York City Department of Buildings, having completed many projects in all five Boroughs.

The New York City Department of Buildings has established a history of safety standards that are more astringent, in some respects, than the Federal Standards, due to the density of population, and the need for public protection, as well as worker protection.

Chapter 33 of the NYCDOB Major Construction Codes for Site Safety, forced a natural evolution due to the proximity of properties (skyscrapers built side by side with Public access via sidewalk and vehicle travel via City thoroughfares, created vulnerably located without buffer).

Article 19, (the forerunner of Chapter 33), was enacted due to a Construction incident in the 1980’s, resulting in the rigid requirements of Chapter 33, for major building construction in New York City. Article 19, enacted the mandate of a licensed professional Safety person, on all major projects, of a specified size, shall be employed full time, to implement and maintain, the Codes as required for Public, and Property safe guards.

Ed Pross holds certifications for NYC Site Safety Manager and Construction Site Fire Safety Manager.

Including Asbestos Supervisor, Air Sampling Technician and Asbestos Project Inspection certificates as certified by the Department of Labor, Division of Safety and Health, NYC and NYS. He continually attends seminars, symposiums and refresher courses insuring that Holt is current and compliant  and is one of the resources for Project Superintendents, in establishing the Site Specific requirements, on their respective projects.


In addition to the current New York City certifications, The Holt Safety Director is certified as a Construction Outreach Trainer, authorized by Region II of Atlantic OSHA, and is the” in-house” professional to provide Safety Training of Holt Project Managers, Superintendents, and Employees. The training for OSHA 10 and 30 hour cards is renewed every three years, to insure the most current safety standards are in effect, and practiced on all projects. Holt Construction requires all Superintendents to maintain, 30 hour Outreach training, and provides the training to maintain current certification.

We are also very proud to announce the partnering of Holt Construction with New York State Department of Labor, (recently joined December 2011) in the On-Site Safety Consultation Program. The Program is a valuable resource, to help us improve our efforts, in compliance with the latest standards, as compared to other equivalent Construction Companies.

This year’s comparative report, appraised our program, above the industry standard, in thirteen of the fourteen rating categories, and provided recommendations to help us improve our above average ratings, towards the industry elite safety achievement level known as, Safety and Health Award Recognition Status (SHARP).

To sum up our commitment, Holt Construction takes pride in providing quality workmanship on every project, based on providing ninety three plus years of professional experience to our clients.

Our Safety Program is an integral component of the quality we offer on every project, and more importantly to every Client, we have the pleasure to work for.