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Present and ready at the Women Builder’s Council 15th Annual Champion Awards Dinner, Holt Construction Corp. had the honor of attending the annual gala, as well as bringing recognition to a few of our inspiring and dedicated employees as the Women Builders Council Outstanding and Next Generation of Women Builders.

Recognized for their dedication to bringing about a great change to the Building Industry, our accomplished nominees include: Gianna Traettino (Human Resource Specialist), Sandy Aviles (Assistant Project Manager), Chris Dette (Assistant Project Manager), Roze Kolaj (Project Coordinator), Jessica Rondash (IT Analyst), Kaira Ilarraza (Business Development and Marketing Coordinator) and Samantha Rossignol (Marketing Coordinator).


Supporting the growth of the next generation of builders, the 15th Annual Champion Awards Dinner presents the diverse representation of game-changing women who are committed to bettering themselves and their industry. The Champion Awards Dinner will ultimately usher in a new era of women in the Building Industry by way of celebrating the dynamic women already making a mark. Holt Construction has gladly nominated Gianna Traettino, our Human Resource Specialist who possesses a skillset that performs above and beyond her assigned duties; Sandy Aviles, an Assistant Project Manager who has contributed to a multitude of impressive projects; Chris Dette, and Assistant Project Manager with building in her genes and the skills to match; Roze Kolaj, a Project Coordinator that makes sure she gets the results the project needs; Jessica Rondash, our IT Analyst whose innovative programs and countless contributions have modernized the company; Kaira Ilarraza, our Business Development and Marketing Coordinator possessing resourceful and creative attributes, which ensures that Holt maintains a strong presence within the industry; and Samantha Rossignol, our Marketing Coordinator whose strategic implementation of our resources has helped us change the game.
Holt Construction Corp., employs and utilizes women in various roles, from Senior Management to Tradespersons. Under the leadership of Chris Asaro, Holt Construction Corp. has expanded the participation of women within our organization and on our project sites by 50% over the past five years, and an average M/WBE Subcontractor participation over 35%. With a strong commitment to the employment and promotion of women in all areas of the construction industry, Holt has been working with our partners for many years to continue to exceed our clients MBE/WBE participation goals. Holt Construction Corp. has an extensive Subcontractor and vendor database of M/WBE firms and is committed to this utilization on all projects with or without these goals being contractually dictated.

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