A recognized aviation builder, we have built airport space from active terminals, award-winning clubs and lounges, ticket stations, complex baggage systems, and support service facilities in gateway hub airports across the country.

Commercial and Industrial

Our commercial work includes industrial, manufacturing, and distribution facilities across the United State. Our installations include core and shell new construction, substantial renovations, and new technology installations to create state-of-the-art facilities.

Corporate Interiors

At Holt, we bring our clients and their design teams’ projects to life, on time and on budget. Regardless of the size of a project, we consider our client needs for high-functioning workspaces as if we worked in their offices ourselves. Creative space use , cost-effective finishing solutions, and technology access are key parts of Holt’s corporate interior construction services.


We continue to be a builder of choice bringing design visions into functional, practical, and cost-effective classrooms, labs, learning centers, dormitories, and more for education facilities from K-12 to large, multi-acre campus complexes.


Entertainment assignments such as casinos, theaters, and family-centric destinations consider many elements from experience to air quality and traffic management. We understand requirements for heavily tracked destinations and build our construction plans with those constraints in mind.

Food and Beverage

Restaurants are complex installations. They call for extensive coordination between kitchen, prep, and service areas to be invisible, all the while featuring sophisticated environments for their guests. Our work represents simple installations to highly complex culinary and beverage projects.

Health Sciences

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, laboratories as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research institutes comprise our expanding portfolio of health science and life science assignments.


Whether it’s an airline club or a hotel or specialty hospitality service, our construction teams understand the needs of your guests and travelers. With that in mind, Holt has built many of the premier hospitality centers in the country.

Mission Critical

A deep understanding of the new technology needs of organizations of all sizes continue to grow our mission critical practice. Today we serve several of the leading financial and technology organizations in the United States in assisting them to evaluate, design, and install complex data communications systems to ensure 24/7, 365 service.


The shopper experience dominates the way in which we build for some of the nation’s leading retailers. Our installations range from boutique, high end spaces to larger commercial shopping centers and strip centers. Every assignment considers budget, schedule, and new ways to construct seamless retail environments.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Our work in transit and infrastructure continues to increase as the country turns toward modernization and upgrades of its aging infrastructure. Surface transportation and related energy and power infrastructure installations are part of our expanding portfolio in these vital markets.