Through a combination of Holt’s senior leadership and our commitment to our core values, our professional teams are supported with exceptional organizational management and oversight on all projects. With an expanding professional team, we continue to invest in new talent, grow existing professionals, and cultivate the next generation of builders.



Jack Holt has been in a leadership position at Holt Construction for over 49 years since purchasing the firm from his father, Fred A. Holt, in 1974. Holt has overseen dramatic growth over the past 16 years through a strategic focus on several core markets including, but not limited to, aviation, corporate interiors, and healthcare. Under his leadership, Holt has grown its clientele across these markets and in new geographic locations such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida. Holt has provided substantial support to humanitarian and charitable organizations in Hudson Valley, NY and specifically Rockland County, NY area, and has been recognized by several organizations.

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Chief Executive Officer

CEO Patricia Zugibe provides executive guidance for all corporate concerns, while establishing and monitoring overall strategic goals. She brings leadership skills developed from over three decades as a principal owner of development and construction companies, acting county executive, and an attorney. Her primary focus is to preserve the company’s historic 100+ year legacy as a construction leader, while setting a course for continued growth in the future. Beginning her tenure at Holt in 2014 as in-house counsel, she is a consensus builder, committed to cultivating a diverse family culture that emphasizes active community involvement.

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Setting a standard for the organization’s 300 people on a day-to-day basis, Asaro and his leadership team have consistently increased the firm’s revenue since 2001 and have opened offices in key geographic areas throughout the nation. Considered one of the nation’s leaders in Aviation construction, Asaro has fostered key relationships throughout the country with Carriers, Concessionaires, and the AEC community. Asaro has instituted a culture at Holt that focuses on client service and satisfaction while also maintaining a family atmosphere at the 103-year-old firm. Asaro has been recognized by several organizations, including most recently being honored by the Women Builders Council for his commitment to elevating women in construction and other MWBE organizations for their advancement in the AEC industry. Asaro has been a driving force behind the successful relationships we have built with our repeat clientele.

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Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Anselmi is Holt Construction’s Chief Financial Officer. A veteran construction accounting professional, Anselmi manages all financial, accounting, risk, and capital management operations for the firm. With over 26 years of experience in the construction accounting field, he is responsible for the firm’s long term financial planning and annual budgeting. His experience with audit and analysis, in conjunction with his knowledge of information systems and financial statement preparation, support his integral contributions to the financial health of the company. Before assuming his position as CFO in 2014, Anselmi served as Holt’s controller for over 19 years.


Corporate Secretary

As Holt Construction’s Corporate Secretary, Jeanne Splaver brings almost a quarter century of experience in corporate finance, operations, tax compliance, and accounting to her position. In her role, Splaver serves as an officer of Holt, records board meeting minutes, and maintains key corporate documents and records. As a senior financial manager at Holt, Splaver manages the accounts payable staff, transactional tax functions, office finance matters, and national lease renewals. In addition, Splaver ensures compliance with all corporate and contractor registrations and licensing requirements. As a trusted, deadline oriented, resourceful, and responsible professional, she is an integral support to Holt Construction’s core leadership.

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