Through a combination of Holt’s senior leadership and our commitment to our core values, our professional teams are supported with exceptional organizational management and oversight on all projects. With an expanding professional team, we continue to invest in new talent, grow existing professionals, and cultivate the next generation of builders.

Joseph Fernandez

Executive Director, Northeast

Stephen Hatch

Executive Director, Southwest

Thomas Aloi

Project Director, New York Aviation

Omar Alrawi

Project Director, New York Aviation

Alan Bates

Project Director, New York Aviation

Maximilian Blum

Project Director, New Jersey

Christopher Chippa

Project Executive, Mid-Hudson Valley

Patrick DeMarco

Project Executive, Mission Critical

John Dwyer

Project Executive, New York City

Sarah Gomez

Project Director, Dallas

Jason Mirabella

Project Director, New York Aviation

James O’Brien

Project Executive, Boston

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